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         As a young boy working in his father's woodshop in Puerto Rico, Victor had dreamt of having his own business in building and creating quality work with his hands. Not only did he learn excellent craftsmanship from his father, he has always stayed current in the field of woodworking and building. In all his years of training and pursuing God's best, Victor left a profitable cabinet manufacturing company as a production manager in 2008 to pursue what God has placed in his heart. Taking that leap of faith, Victor started a remodeling company and has been receiving business through word of mouth by the his clients. It's not only Victor's meticulous home remodeling craftsmanship that gets clients attention; but it's also Victor's organized work that helps clients maintain a successful budget, keeps clients' home environment in order during the remodeling process, and satisfies the goals of his clients. Even now, Victor's only way of advertising is through this website and every business received came from clients' recommendations to friends.

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